Apple honey challah

Now that I have been on the road for over a month, I must admit that I really miss baking.  Although I often believe that traveling is my natural state and when I feel my happiest and most enlightened, I do still miss the comforts of having a home and mainly a kitchen to bake/cook … Continue reading

Grapefruit pull-apart bread

As I tried to clean out my cupboards before I moved away from Australia, I discovered that I had a couple packets of yeast that I didn’t want to go to waste.  In retrospect, these packets of yeast cost about 1 dollar at most and the effort that I went through to get rid of … Continue reading

Spiced applesauce cake

In between my last blog entry and now, I’ve packed up my entire life in Australia and have temporarily moved back to the states before my big move to London in a few months.  Thus I am rather behind on all the farewell food I made for various people in my last week in Australia, … Continue reading

Apple scones

For a recent farewell to a colleague, I decided to branch out from my typical cookies and bake some scones instead.  I’d had this recipe bookmarked on my computer for ages and it’s so simple that I am really not sure why I hadn’t made it before now.  I haven’t thought of making scones this … Continue reading

Salted caramel blondies

Last month, I had to do some farewell baking for a colleague and I was told by inside sources that it was preferable the dessert be non-chocolate.  As you all know this tends to be a challenge for me but instead of scouring Tastespotting I thought perhaps I would actually just create something on my … Continue reading

Pumpkin pie

It is November, and that means Thanksgiving!  Last year I was in Manila at this time and didn’t get to have a Thanksgiving holiday, and obviously won’t get the four day weekend this year either, but I do think of America around this time and am hoping to cook and bake a whole lot more … Continue reading

Salted chocolate truffle cookies

So, the Merri stress train continues with travel, more travel, work, and business school apps…which of course results in a lot of midnight baking.  Last week, one of my absolute favourite people in the office sadly had to leave us to go back to her home office of London.  Obviously I needed to bake for … Continue reading

Berry streusel coffee cake

When it was one of my closest friend’s last day at work, I knew I had to make something extra special for her.  I’d had my eye on this cake for quite a while as it looked absolutely spectacular, and the bit of extra effort that it takes to make the streusel is more than … Continue reading

S’mores Bars

So apparently, s’mores are a very American thing.  Every Australian who I asked had no idea what the concept of a s’more was unless they had in fact experienced one in America.  When I lived in Boston, making s’more themed baked goods was one of my absolute favourite baking activities.  There are endless variations on … Continue reading

Constructing a cake

The occasion was another farewell – this time to one of my favourite people in the Sydney office, and since I am still on a high from being able to have constant access to a kitchen again, I decided I needed to go big.  I was asked to go with the theme “Sunshine”, so I … Continue reading