Berry baked oatmeal

To continue on my little breakfast theme, let’s move on to a breakfast food that is often overlooked: oatmeal.  Oatmeal is a delightful nutritious (at least most of the time, depending on what you put in it) breakfast that’s especially good when it’s a bit cooler out.  It’s a great comfort food for me, but … Continue reading

Two bean kale soup

This will be my last soup entry for a while I think, as we are now rapidly approaching summer here and I don’t think I’ll be craving soup anytime soon.  But in sympathy for my many dear friends who are experiencing negative temperatures and snow, this one is for you.  You can never have too … Continue reading

Pumpkin oatmeal cookies

This shall be the last of my pumpkin recipes from Australia, so I figured I had to make it a REALLY good one.  And this one is.  Get ready for the best pumpkin cookie of your life, people.  Don’t be intimidated by the slightly longer list of ingredients than usual – in combination, this makes … Continue reading

Chocolate covered brownie ice cream sandwiches

With all the pumpkin themed desserts floating around in the states right now, I thought it best to inject some more chocolate in your lives.  This takes a simple brownie recipe and elevates it by creating a lovely little bite sized ice cream sandwich, and then dipping it in chocolate.  The brownie is not super … Continue reading

Roasted butternut squash kale soup

Here’s another delicious detox-y soup (seriously it really is delicious, I promise).  Now that I am travelling literally every week in true consultant style, I am finding myself getting pretty tired eating out all the time, and I just welcome the opportunity to have healthy home-cooked food.  My favourite thing to do when I am … Continue reading

Butternut squash chickpea chili

I’ve had an amazing few days of hosting some Americans, and I have a good friend here who is staying for the whole next week, so this means heaps of time at all my favourite restaurants and bars and trying as many new ones as possible.  Needless to say, after some very heavy socialising, sometimes … Continue reading

Chocolate chip cookie dough peanut butter cups

Attention chocolate and peanut butter fans: this is your nirvana dessert.  I don’t think I have ever had chocolate and peanut butter in a better combination than this. These are like an exciting peanut butter take on the chocolate chip cookie dough truffles I also greatly enjoy.  Technically they require no baking but they do … Continue reading

Chickpea ratatouille

FINALLY.  A healthy recipe.  I made this several weeks ago and was in a big rush before my trip so didn’t really get to actually document it with very many photos, but it’s so good that I had to write about it anyway.  Like many of my favourite vegetarian recipes, the beauty with this one … Continue reading

Roasted vegetable soup

Due to a lot of socialising (which normally entails eating out and drinks) recently, by the end of every weekend I typically find myself desperately in need of a healthy Sunday night meal that will have leftovers for lunches throughout the week.  Given that it’s “cold” here right now, meaning Boston spring weather, I have … Continue reading

Creamy mushroom “risotto”

I love Italian food, which means I have a near endless capacity for pasta and risotto, but I try not to keep it around my apartment for that reason, as I really don’t have any self control when it comes to some (most) foods.  Normally my strategy is to keep healthy foods and not so … Continue reading