Blueberries and cream cookies

This is my 200th post and I have officially kept this blog for just over two years now!  I can’t believe that I’ve been able to keep up blogging for this long and to be honest, with my impending move to London and the craziness of starting business school, I’m not sure that I will … Continue reading

Chocolate toffee cookies

If you are looking for some SERIOUS chocolate in a cookie, this is a very safe bet.  All of you milk chocolate lovers, just step away –  this cookie is only for serious chocolate addicts.  I proudly count myself in this group and thus thoroughly enjoyed this cookie.  I actually used half unsweetened chocolate and … Continue reading

Totally American cookies

Happy fourth of July everyone!  For the first time in a while I am actually in the states for this very American holiday, although today I cooked a dinner of spaghetti squash and a tomato sauce with spinach and tofu crumbles, soooo I’m not as patriotic as most.  Nevertheless, since coming back to the states, … Continue reading

Blueberry cranberry banana bread

After six weeks on the road, it’s been delightful to settle back into life in the states with family and friends and have much more consistent access to a kitchen (or rather, my friends’ kitchens).  Upon discovering some old frozen bananas in my mom’s freezer, I decided it was necessary to bake a new type … Continue reading

Apple honey challah

Now that I have been on the road for over a month, I must admit that I really miss baking.  Although I often believe that traveling is my natural state and when I feel my happiest and most enlightened, I do still miss the comforts of having a home and mainly a kitchen to bake/cook … Continue reading

Grapefruit pull-apart bread

As I tried to clean out my cupboards before I moved away from Australia, I discovered that I had a couple packets of yeast that I didn’t want to go to waste.  In retrospect, these packets of yeast cost about 1 dollar at most and the effort that I went through to get rid of … Continue reading

Spiced applesauce cake

In between my last blog entry and now, I’ve packed up my entire life in Australia and have temporarily moved back to the states before my big move to London in a few months.  Thus I am rather behind on all the farewell food I made for various people in my last week in Australia, … Continue reading

Funfetti “sundae” cupcakes

I sit here on my last Sunday night in Sydney feeling a bit despondent to leave such an incredible place and such a formative experience behind me, albeit for many  new exciting adventures.  So I thought it would be appropriate to write about funfetti cupcakes because they are the happiest kind of cupcake.  (Yes, cupcakes … Continue reading

Apple scones

For a recent farewell to a colleague, I decided to branch out from my typical cookies and bake some scones instead.  I’d had this recipe bookmarked on my computer for ages and it’s so simple that I am really not sure why I hadn’t made it before now.  I haven’t thought of making scones this … Continue reading

Strawberry banana bread

As I’ve mentioned a few times, due to all my visitors and general traveling around, I’ve actually completed a woefully small amount of new baking endeavours in the past couple of months.  I keep revisiting old baking and cooking favourites instead of trying out new recipes.  However, I’d been meaning to tackle a new banana … Continue reading