Baked tofu with kale and quinoa

So right now I am currently into alternating extremely healthy quinoa recipes with equally delightful unhealthy cookie ones.  It is obviously now time for our next quinoa recipe which is made even more complete by the addition of kale and tofu.  The tofu in this recipe is baked as opposed to sautéed in a pan, … Continue reading

Quinoa, cucumber, and radish salad

Oh dear, I have let too much time slip by without updating again.  I actually have heaps of recipes to share with you all and the majority of them are quite good for you and involve quinoa.  All of the travel and prep for business school hasn’t actually slowed down my cooking and baking, but … Continue reading

Stuffed tomatoes

It’s been a while since I’ve done a stuffed veggies dish and when I saw this one I had to try it immediately.  I love tomatoes, especially in the summertime, and the mix of goodies that went into this one looked amazing.  As you all know I have a slight obsession with chickpeas (really, almost … Continue reading

Apple and sweet potato egg cups

Say what now?  Apple and sweet potatoes combined with eggs?  Yes.  My egg cup ways are back with a vengeance.  I’m currently camped out in northern Virginia for a little while and so I’m really buckling down on my healthy recipes and trying to eat very clean foods when I’m not going crazy visiting friends. … Continue reading

Blueberry cranberry banana bread

After six weeks on the road, it’s been delightful to settle back into life in the states with family and friends and have much more consistent access to a kitchen (or rather, my friends’ kitchens).  Upon discovering some old frozen bananas in my mom’s freezer, I decided it was necessary to bake a new type … Continue reading

Berry baked oatmeal

To continue on my little breakfast theme, let’s move on to a breakfast food that is often overlooked: oatmeal.  Oatmeal is a delightful nutritious (at least most of the time, depending on what you put in it) breakfast that’s especially good when it’s a bit cooler out.  It’s a great comfort food for me, but … Continue reading

Green minestrone with chickpeas and lemon

So I did say a few blog entries ago that I was over making soup for a while, but when I was perusing the latest edition of the lovely Gourmet Traveler magazine at my hotel on my latest trip to Melbourne, this recipe just jumped out at me and I couldn’t resist.  I have been … Continue reading

Asian-style quinoa and veggies

I’ve certainly got some new baked goods recipes in store to share with you, but I haven’t posted a new recipe for quinoa in ages and considering how I am currently thinking about clean eating and healthy foods after my weekend of Messina gelato cakes and champagne, let’s talk about quinoa and veggies.  I have … Continue reading

Sweet potato kale balls

My healthy recipes have taken a hit lately, what with all my visitors and not having any time to really cook at all (there are far too many restaurants to show them!).  My best friend in the world is in town right now and I am determined we shall make some meals together, but we … Continue reading

Roasted tomato onion salad with dukkah-crusted eggplant

I have a dear friend visiting me all the way from London right now so I am in full-on show off the city mode.  However even with me wanting to show her every restaurant possible, it’s still nice to have one night designated as an eat in night when the whole rest of the trip … Continue reading