Asian-style quinoa and veggies

I’ve certainly got some new baked goods recipes in store to share with you, but I haven’t posted a new recipe for quinoa in ages and considering how I am currently thinking about clean eating and healthy foods after my weekend of Messina gelato cakes and champagne, let’s talk about quinoa and veggies.  I have made a healthier version of fried rice before using veggies and brown rice, and recently I’ve been into kale as a substitute for spinach, so when I saw this recipe using kale and quinoa, I obviously had to check it out.  The fresh garlic and ginger added at the start give it a little zing, and the combination of kale and carrots lends the dish some nice colour.  You can eat a big bowl of this and feel totally satisfied guilt free.  It’s not quite the same as a bowl of Messina gelato cake, but you can’t eat ice cream for dinner (most of the time), so this is an excellent substitute. 🙂

Asian style quinoa and veggies (adapted from Crandle Cakes)


2 Tablespoons olive or vegetable oil (probably don’t need that much)
¼ cup onion, diced
1 garlic clove, sliced
¼ teaspoon ground ginger
¼ teaspoon pepper flakes (optional)
2 cups thinly sliced kale
¼ cup chopped carrots (about 1-cm cubes works well)
A couple handfuls of chopped mushrooms – I had some on hand, but you don’t need them
1 cup cooked quinoa
1 egg
1 Tablespoon soy sauce

In a large skillet, heat olive oil over medium-high heat.   I just sprayed a pan with non stick spray and added in a splash of water when the onions or carrots stuck to the pan a bit.  Saute the onion, garlic, ginger, and carrots (and pepper flakes if using) for at least 4-5 minutes.  Then add your mushrooms and a splash of soy sauce.  A minute or two later, add the kale and stir it all up – it will wilt after about 2 minutes.  If the vegetables stick at any point, just add a splash of water and stir around continuously. 

When the vegetables are softened, add quinoa, stir, and let sit 1 minute to brown a bit. Stir and let sit again, 1 more minute.  When the quinoa is warmed through and crisped on some spots, make a well in the middle of the pan and crack the egg into it (this is so fun).  Scramble the egg in the well and then mix into the quinoa (about 30 seconds.)  Add in the soy sauce and stir it all up, and then remove from the heat.

This tastes best when served immediately, but I thought it also tasted great re-heated in the microwave for the next few days.

IMG_7143Starting off with base spices and carrots and onion – saute them for 4-5 minutes before putting anything else in

IMG_7144Adding in the mushrooms

IMG_7145Adding all the kale (which wilts down a lot)

IMG_7146All coming together and cooking nicely

IMG_7147Cracking an egg into the centre – then just scramble it all up and combine with the rest

IMG_7149Close up on the finished product

I think I liked this even better than the typical veggie “fried” rice I make with brown rice.  The quinoa holds up really well in this mix and I love using kale instead of something like spinach because it doesn’t wilt the same way spinach does and it really holds its flavour well.  This is a great recipe to have for dinner on a Sunday and then a few lunches throughout the week.  It’s like having Asian takeout food but with probably 1/10th of the calories and fat!

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  1. randle says:

    Hey! That looks yummy! Adding mushrooms sounds delicious.

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