Green minestrone with chickpeas and lemon

So I did say a few blog entries ago that I was over making soup for a while, but when I was perusing the latest edition of the lovely Gourmet Traveler magazine at my hotel on my latest trip to Melbourne, this recipe just jumped out at me and I couldn’t resist.  I have been … Continue reading

Asian-style quinoa and veggies

I’ve certainly got some new baked goods recipes in store to share with you, but I haven’t posted a new recipe for quinoa in ages and considering how I am currently thinking about clean eating and healthy foods after my weekend of Messina gelato cakes and champagne, let’s talk about quinoa and veggies.  I have … Continue reading

Sweet potato kale balls

My healthy recipes have taken a hit lately, what with all my visitors and not having any time to really cook at all (there are far too many restaurants to show them!).  My best friend in the world is in town right now and I am determined we shall make some meals together, but we … Continue reading

Roasted tomato onion salad with dukkah-crusted eggplant

I have a dear friend visiting me all the way from London right now so I am in full-on show off the city mode.  However even with me wanting to show her every restaurant possible, it’s still nice to have one night designated as an eat in night when the whole rest of the trip … Continue reading

Summer vegetable bake

It has been quite a while since I’ve posted a non baked goods recipe on this blog and I know I’m a bit overdue.  I’ve been searching around in vain for recipes that are healthy that I haven’t made before that don’t actually require much cooking time because when it’s this hot out (sorry, people … Continue reading

Roasted tofu and vegetables

From what I can tell of the people who read this blog and give me their feedback, you all vastly prefer cookie / baked goods recipes to healthy vegetarian ones.  Apologies, but I must hold my ground and post this delightfully healthy recipe because I need the motivation to be healthy amongst all the massive … Continue reading

Zucchini tian

A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to have an amazing friend from America grace me with her presence in Sydney, and we had an absolutely amazing time together.  I love having visitors because I love showing off the most beautiful city in the world where I am lucky enough to live, and I … Continue reading

Curried lentil burgers

Ok, so this post is healthy looking enough to be fairly controversial and potentially make you not want to try them, but I beg you to at least consider it if you are looking for a vegetarian burger type option.  I actually don’t like lentils that much at all but absolutely loved them in this … Continue reading

Creamy mushroom “risotto”

I love Italian food, which means I have a near endless capacity for pasta and risotto, but I try not to keep it around my apartment for that reason, as I really don’t have any self control when it comes to some (most) foods.  Normally my strategy is to keep healthy foods and not so … Continue reading

Easy pizza dough (and corresponding pizza)

So to continue on the trend of vegetarian foods that aren’t entirely “nice”, I decided one day to try my hand at making pizza dough.  I had some leftover sun dried tomatoes and roasted red pepper from making the amazing frittatas and I always have various vegetables on hand, so I thought I’d add them … Continue reading