The restaurant mecca that is Noma

So after over a year of taking a break from my blog, I’ve decided I have to do a special post on my food experience at Noma.  For those you not in the know, Noma is commonly thought to be one of the best, if not the best, restaurant in the entire world.  It’s held … Continue reading

Eating real Chinese food

After my visit to Japan, I went onward to Shanghai for three days to visit some good friends and see a city I’ve wanted to see for ages.  Shanghai is amazing and I had a fantastic time there, due in very large part to my incredibly generous friends who showed me all the best places … Continue reading

Exciting food exploration in Japan

Apologies for the absolute radio silence for the past few weeks!  I have embarked on my funemployment trip (aka the trip all consultants take between quitting their jobs and going to business school), which consists mostly of travel throughout Asian countries.  I’m visiting a mix of places that I’ve been to before, ones I haven’t, … Continue reading

Gorgeous gastronomy at Gastro Park

A couple weeks ago, a dear chef friend of mine and I had an absolutely stunning farewell lunch at Gastro Park.  The place has two hats but honestly in my opinion it is completely on par with the three hatted restaurants in town (of which there are very few).  Its location is interesting because it’s … Continue reading

Mexican at Mamasita

My last domestic trip in Australia was last week (how has the end of my time here crept up so fast?!) so of course I had to have one more dinner out in Melbourne.  I’ve been to a fair number of places in the city centre there but hadn’t been to Mamasita yet because honestly … Continue reading

Upscale casual at Ester

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of going to a fairly new restaurant, Ester, which is making waves in the foodie scene for its casual environment but fantastic food.  It’s in a neighbourhood I wouldn’t normally find myself in, but that’s one of the things I love about exploring new restaurants – they … Continue reading

Stunning delicacies at Sixpenny

The other week, I had the pleasure of having a delightfully long lunch with a few professional chefs here in Sydney (no big deal).  It goes without saying that I immensely enjoy the company of chefs and learning about the restaurant industry here, and as an added bonus, they literally all know each other and … Continue reading

Spinach and mushroom gozleme

In Australia, a classic food that is sold at almost every open air market is gozleme (pronounced goz-le-may).  The first time I tried one I could not figure out why this amazing food has somehow not made it to America.  It’s a traditionally Turkish dish and is basically a flatbread that can be filled with … Continue reading

Fancy innovation at Cafe Paci

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending a dinner at Cafe Paci, which is a pop-up restaurant in Darlinghurst, one of my favourite dining areas. It was started by the head chef at Marque, another dining institution in Sydney, and it will only be around as long as its one-year lease, which … Continue reading

Fantastic seafood at Doyle’s

I’m terribly behind on my blogs at the moment, but am making a valiant effort to catch up and am counting down the days until our Christmas break when I will have some free time in what feels like the first time in many many months.  I felt the need to do a quick restaurant … Continue reading