The restaurant mecca that is Noma

So after over a year of taking a break from my blog, I’ve decided I have to do a special post on my food experience at Noma.  For those you not in the know, Noma is commonly thought to be one of the best, if not the best, restaurant in the entire world.  It’s held … Continue reading

Cambodian food revisited

I’m quite delayed in posting this but I did want to take the time to post one last entry from my trip to Asia!  This was my second time in Cambodia, but I got to spend much more time there this time and thus was able to do much more food research ahead of time … Continue reading

Street food delights of Northern Vietnam

The second part of my trip in Vietnam took me through Hanoi and Ha Long Bay, and I decided to focus on food even a bit more by taking an official street food tour and a cooking class. (I did both with Hanoi Cooking Centre, which is pricier than other places but worth it)  I … Continue reading

Amazing varieties of food in south and central Vietnam

As part of my current travels, I spent a full eight days (which for those of you who know me know is an incredibly long time for a Merri trip) in Vietnam, working my way through the major cities from south to north.  I’ve wanted to visit Vietnam for a while for multiple reasons, not the … Continue reading

Eating real Chinese food

After my visit to Japan, I went onward to Shanghai for three days to visit some good friends and see a city I’ve wanted to see for ages.  Shanghai is amazing and I had a fantastic time there, due in very large part to my incredibly generous friends who showed me all the best places … Continue reading

Exciting food exploration in Japan

Apologies for the absolute radio silence for the past few weeks!  I have embarked on my funemployment trip (aka the trip all consultants take between quitting their jobs and going to business school), which consists mostly of travel throughout Asian countries.  I’m visiting a mix of places that I’ve been to before, ones I haven’t, … Continue reading

Vietnamese food in Brisbane

I’ve been back from Brisbane for several weeks now but figured I’d do one last post on the food there seeing as I devoted so many of my meals to Brisbane restaurants these past few months.  Brisbane has a very odd Chinatown (eg, neon lit Chinatown sign, very cliche/tacky Asian decor, etc) that is located … Continue reading

Amazing Asian fusion in NYC

At the tail-end of my trip to London I had the opportunity to go to NYC for just a few days to catch up with amazing people and of course eat a lot.  A dear friend of mine once said that I “Ms. Pac-Man” my way through New York, essentially eating everything.  (I have chosen … Continue reading

Delightful culinary variety in London

As I’ve mentioned several times in this blog already, I recently had the opportunity to take a trip to one of my favourite cities in the world, London.  The last time I was there was about two years ago and it was so wonderful not only to be there again but also to realize how … Continue reading

Asian fusion at Coda

I was fortunate enough to get to travel to our Melbourne office for a couple weeks in a row for work.  I love Melbourne for a lot of reasons, one of the main ones being its incredible restaurant scene.  I was so excited to get try out Coda, a restaurant I’d wanted to try the … Continue reading