Asian fusion at Coda

I was fortunate enough to get to travel to our Melbourne office for a couple weeks in a row for work.  I love Melbourne for a lot of reasons, one of the main ones being its incredible restaurant scene.  I was so excited to get try out Coda, a restaurant I’d wanted to try the last time I was there in December but was closed at the time.  I got to go with my lovely colleague and luckily we had the exact same taste in food and agreed on everything to get and shared it all. We went for mostly little vegetarian dishes which had really innovative combinations of ingredients.  As many of you know Asian fusion is my favourite and there is no shortage of that in Australia!

IMG_4746Eggplant and tofu lettuce cup with enoki mushroom, crispy garlic and black vinegar.  A little messy but amazing

IMG_4747 Spanner crab, roasted chili, and lime betel leaf.  This was good but ridiculously tiny for the price (like 7 dollars?!)

IMG_4749 From the back going clockwise, steamed gai lan with yellow soy bean sauce, a heart of palm, honeydew melon,and mint cucumber salad, and wok fried bok choy and lettuce with garlic and ginger.  My favourite was probably the bok choy but I thought the combination of melon and cucumber in the salad was quite innovative and refreshing

IMG_4748Calamari, green mango and cucumber salad, with peanuts and crispy anchovies – this was the best dish of all for sure.  I loved the grilled calamari with the green mango and I normally don’t like anchovies, but the texture and crunch they added was fantastic

IMG_4750Soft chocolate ganache, pistachio sponge, red wine cherries, cherry sorbet and vanilla bean ice-cream.  I loved how light the sponge was but I did wish the chocolate was a bit darker.  Also loved taking a little bite of everything together.

Overall I thought the food was fantastic and I would love to go there with an even bigger group so I could sample more off of the extensive menu.  When it comes to Asian fusion, this would definitely be one to add to the roster.  Although I still think Chin Chin gives it a run for its money…

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