Chocolate toffee cookies

If you are looking for some SERIOUS chocolate in a cookie, this is a very safe bet.  All of you milk chocolate lovers, just step away –  this cookie is only for serious chocolate addicts.  I proudly count myself in this group and thus thoroughly enjoyed this cookie.  I actually used half unsweetened chocolate and … Continue reading

Totally American cookies

Happy fourth of July everyone!  For the first time in a while I am actually in the states for this very American holiday, although today I cooked a dinner of spaghetti squash and a tomato sauce with spinach and tofu crumbles, soooo I’m not as patriotic as most.  Nevertheless, since coming back to the states, … Continue reading

Chocolate chunk sea salt cookies

Sometimes, you just need a good chocolate chip cookie.  It’s exceedingly hard for me to make the most basic of cookies without adding a little twist, and I know I have a tried and true recipe for chocolate chip cookies already on this blog.  But when I saw this one it caught my eye due … Continue reading


Today I present to you all one of the simplest cookie recipes I’ve ever made.  When I made gingerbread over the holidays I had to get a big jar of molasses even though the recipe only called for a bit (molasses is essential to gingerbread), so then I was stuck with spare molasses in my … Continue reading

Pumpkin oatmeal cookies

This shall be the last of my pumpkin recipes from Australia, so I figured I had to make it a REALLY good one.  And this one is.  Get ready for the best pumpkin cookie of your life, people.  Don’t be intimidated by the slightly longer list of ingredients than usual – in combination, this makes … Continue reading

Nutella chocolate chip cookies

Ok I know you all prefer the cookie recipes, so let’s throw another one into the mix.  The reason that I think the flagship bakery I would open would be primarily cookie-focused is I just naturally gravitate towards cookie recipes, and when you can come up with variations on the classic chocolate chip or oatmeal … Continue reading

Flourless chocolate brownie cookies

I know I talk a lot about chocolate, but I just need it.  Some days more than others, but I need at least a little every single day.  I have been craving chocolate more than usual these past few days and if you are having a fairly hardcore chocolate craving you have to go with … Continue reading

Chocolate oatmeal cookie dough sandwiches

The week before I left for my trip to London, I was just feeling the baking craving even more than usual.  I have a lovely work friend from Melbourne who has been in town recently and since our paths were briefly intersecting I decided we were just going to live it up on a Wednesday … Continue reading

Peanut butter pretzel cookies

Friends! I am so sorry for the radio silence.  I have been in lovely London for the past six days working and exploring the city as my potential next home, and also the functionality of wordpress has failed me (the site is randomly breaking down), so the combination of those has resulted in far less … Continue reading

Chocolate crackle cookies

Because you can never have too many cookie recipes, here’s another one for the collection.  I typically think of these as a Christmas sort of cookie, but I’d had the recipe bookmarked for a while and one day when I was craving chocolate (yes, stress baking for me typically results in chocolate) I thought these … Continue reading