Chocolate and salted caramel macarons

Macarons: one of the ultimate pastry rite of passages.  I have never actually tried making them before but I am constantly looking at recipes of them (and paying absurd amounts to eat them from specialty bakeries) so finally decided to give it a go a few months ago.  Imagine my shock and horror when something … Continue reading

Brown butter pretzel M&M cookies

These cookies fall into a particular kind of category for me: stress baking / eating.  I made baked goods like this much more often when I lived in Boston, but recently I have been feeling pulled in enough directions with a travel case, orchestra rehearsals, volunteering, business school applications, and additional travel for fun that … Continue reading

Dark and delightful chocolate orange cookies

This, my friends, is the epitome of sophisitication in a cookie.  And I won’t lie to you – it is probably the most complicated and time-intensive cookie recipe on this blog to date.  But if you break it down into steps that you do on different days, it doesn’t seem that time-consuming, and the end … Continue reading

Salted chocolate chip oatmeal cookies

So yes I make cookies all the time (really…at least 1-2 times per week), but it’s been a long time since I’ve posted about the good old chocolate chip cookie.  Like the brownie, the chocolate chip cookie is just one of those items that is a baker’s delight to play with since so many varieties … Continue reading

S’mores Cookies

This is a blow your socks off, please help because I literally can not stop eating these, type of cookie.  Like the other s’more dessert that I’ve posted on here, this is one in my “impress people” arsenal that I like to pull out every once in a while.  The only reason I do not … Continue reading

Chocolate chocolate chip cookies

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted a cookie recipe, so I thought a suitable return to my usual world of cookies would be with this delectable dark chocolate cookie recipe.  It’s almost a brownie in cookie form and I love the addition of the melted chocolate to the cookie dough, which adds a … Continue reading

Everything birthday cookies

I try to keep this blog mostly about the food, but I just have to take the opportunity to express how genuinely touched I was by the number of people in America who remembered my birthday (sometimes even across the time zone change!) and sent thoughtful notes.  I’m in year two of this Australia journey … Continue reading

Crack cookies

I have a not so secret obsession with various women pastry chefs, probably because it is my ultimate desire to be a pastry chef businesswoman icon.   My favourite two without a doubt are Joanne Chang and Christina Tosi.  The latter is the mastermind behind Milk Bar in the whole Momofuku amazingness that was started … Continue reading

Dark chocolate pistachio cookies

So apparently, January 26th was national pistachio day, so I figured this recipe was timely.  I am not normally a big fan of nuts in cookies, but to be honest these cookies are basically transcendent.  Pistachios are my favourite kind of nuts, and when I saw these cookies I figured it was worth the investment … Continue reading

Nutella chocolate chip cookies with a twist

So when I made the nutella sea salt cookies the other week, I obviously bought way too much nutella so then had to make another recipe involving this succulent ingredient.  What a shame.  I do not even know which one of these cookies I liked better because I enjoyed them both so much.  This one … Continue reading