Basic (or not) chocolate chip cookies

I was looking back through my blog entries and realized I still have yet to date to share a classic chocolate chip cookie one.  This is basically a travesty as everyone needs to know how to make a good batch of chocolate chip cookies in times of joy/celebration and sadness/anger/bitterness.  (not like I know anything … Continue reading

Browned butter sugar cookies

So it’s been too long, and I have an amazing amount of food exploration stories to share, from markets in Manila and Singapore to enjoying Spanish tapas in Manila and authentic French food in Cebu…but alas, the pace of life right now is such that I barely have 5 minutes a day to myself, much … Continue reading

Flourless chocolate cookies

My to-do list before leaving for Manila went something like this: pack, do errands, create new workout playlists, bake, etc.  Baking had to be on it as I knew I wouldn’t have a chance to do it again for a while.  Additionally, I’d promised a friend at work that I’d bake for her half birthday … Continue reading

Oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies

So, my big news.  Only a little over a week ago, I got asked to participate in a dream work opportunity based out of Manila.  Within a matter of days, I’d packed up my life, gotten a visa, and now I am here for 2.5 months.  That is the amazing thing about consulting – things … Continue reading

Cookies and cream cookies

It’s been almost three whole weeks since I’ve baked, which is about as long as I physically am capable of going (and it’s only because I was on vacation – were I in one place, that would never happen).  An old friend from Boston was passing through Sydney on vacation with his girlfriend, so I … Continue reading

Oatmeal honey chocolate cookies

So, cookies (or biscuits, as we say in Australia) are kind of my signature item.  I have a go-to cookie recipe that I modify according to my mood and what’s in my pantry at the time, but I am constantly looking for new recipes and ideally enjoy trying out a new one every week.  On this … Continue reading