The restaurant mecca that is Noma

So after over a year of taking a break from my blog, I’ve decided I have to do a special post on my food experience at Noma.  For those you not in the know, Noma is commonly thought to be one of the best, if not the best, restaurant in the entire world.  It’s held … Continue reading

Apple honey challah

Now that I have been on the road for over a month, I must admit that I really miss baking.  Although I often believe that traveling is my natural state and when I feel my happiest and most enlightened, I do still miss the comforts of having a home and mainly a kitchen to bake/cook … Continue reading

Grapefruit pull-apart bread

As I tried to clean out my cupboards before I moved away from Australia, I discovered that I had a couple packets of yeast that I didn’t want to go to waste.  In retrospect, these packets of yeast cost about 1 dollar at most and the effort that I went through to get rid of … Continue reading

Gorgeous gastronomy at Gastro Park

A couple weeks ago, a dear chef friend of mine and I had an absolutely stunning farewell lunch at Gastro Park.  The place has two hats but honestly in my opinion it is completely on par with the three hatted restaurants in town (of which there are very few).  Its location is interesting because it’s … Continue reading

Homemade pop tarts

I’m a bit late to the Valentine’s Day party, but I had to post a recipe that I think would be perfect if you actually wanted to celebrate the holiday and make breakfast in bed for your significant other / yourself / your friends.  These fall under my category of baked goods that I only … Continue reading

Stunning delicacies at Sixpenny

The other week, I had the pleasure of having a delightfully long lunch with a few professional chefs here in Sydney (no big deal).  It goes without saying that I immensely enjoy the company of chefs and learning about the restaurant industry here, and as an added bonus, they literally all know each other and … Continue reading

Chocolate spice gingerbread

It’s a bit belated to be posting about gingerbread, since this is really a Christmas baked good more than anything else, but I have to share this recipe regardless because it’s still very cold where most of my friends live and gingerbread is a great winter dessert as well.  Plus, it’s incredibly fun to decorate. … Continue reading

Peppermint chocolate chip blondie bites

I’ve definitely done much more holiday related baking this year than last year, and I think it’s always key to make something around Christmas time involving candy canes.  Unfortunately, I could not find traditional ones anywhere (seriously grocery stores in the CBD of Sydney are killing me with their lack of options), but I did … Continue reading

Pumpkin oatmeal cookies

This shall be the last of my pumpkin recipes from Australia, so I figured I had to make it a REALLY good one.  And this one is.  Get ready for the best pumpkin cookie of your life, people.  Don’t be intimidated by the slightly longer list of ingredients than usual – in combination, this makes … Continue reading

Challah apple stuffing

I feel like it’s not even that controversial to state that stuffing is the best part of Thanksgiving.  (Some may go with pumpkin pie or sweet potatoes with marshmallows, but I am firmly in the stuffing camp.  Combined with cranberry sauce and turkey…or just totally by itself.)  And because we have this amazing phenomenon this … Continue reading