Pumpkin pie

It is November, and that means Thanksgiving!  Last year I was in Manila at this time and didn’t get to have a Thanksgiving holiday, and obviously won’t get the four day weekend this year either, but I do think of America around this time and am hoping to cook and bake a whole lot more … Continue reading

Chocolate cupcakes with Nutella frosting

It’s been a while since I’ve made cupcakes, and in making some thank you packages for people who’ve helped me out with my business school applications, I decided the occasion was certainly special enough to warrant a bit of extra baking work.  Cupcake/cake batter itself is incredibly easy to make – I find it typically … Continue reading

Delicate innovation at Esq

Despite all the work my team was doing in Brisbane a few weeks ago, we did manage to get out to a few nice places, and Esq was one of the best of all.  According to their website they were the most highly awarded restaurant in Brisbane last year, and after eating there, I can … Continue reading

Chocolate swirl buns

Here is a glorious recipe I have been wanting to share with you all for a while.  I am about to head off on a little 24 hour plane jaunt to London for the next week so figured I’d make this my send-off recipe.  I made it for the brunch party I made all the … Continue reading

Urban chic at Brisbane’s Public

Seeing as I’ve been traveling to Brisbane for the past six weeks, I thought it only fair to pay a bit of a tribute to Brissie’s restaurant scene in a few posts.  I won’t pretend that I don’t think Brisbane is inferior to Sydney (it’s ok, most cities are), but there are definitely some hidden … Continue reading

Chocolate and salted caramel macarons

Macarons: one of the ultimate pastry rite of passages.  I have never actually tried making them before but I am constantly looking at recipes of them (and paying absurd amounts to eat them from specialty bakeries) so finally decided to give it a go a few months ago.  Imagine my shock and horror when something … Continue reading

Spectacular dining at Sepia

To continue my fine dining tour of Sydney, I went to Sepia just a few weeks after Momofuku.  I barely traveled in June/July which of course meant I could spend on a meal what I would normally spend on a plane ticket.  (Absurd I know, but that is the fine dining scene in Sydney…and many … Continue reading

Dark and delightful chocolate orange cookies

This, my friends, is the epitome of sophisitication in a cookie.  And I won’t lie to you – it is probably the most complicated and time-intensive cookie recipe on this blog to date.  But if you break it down into steps that you do on different days, it doesn’t seem that time-consuming, and the end … Continue reading

Epicurean nirvana at Momofuku Seiobo

A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to be part of a group who had gained a coveted reservation at the rather exclusive and exquisite Momofuku Seiobo, David Chang’s restaurant in Sydney.  I’ve been to his noodle bar and Milk Bar in NYC and absolutely love his rock star chef style of Asian fusion … Continue reading

Mini coconut tartlets with lemon curd

Behold – here is one of my rare non-chocolate dessert creations!  When I choose to make a non chocolate dessert, it’s typically because I am serving other intensely chocolate desserts at the same time (in this case, the dark chocolate pear pistachio cake and the chocolate salted caramel crepe cake) and I know they need … Continue reading