Urban chic at Brisbane’s Public

Seeing as I’ve been traveling to Brisbane for the past six weeks, I thought it only fair to pay a bit of a tribute to Brissie’s restaurant scene in a few posts.  I won’t pretend that I don’t think Brisbane is inferior to Sydney (it’s ok, most cities are), but there are definitely some hidden restaurant gems and I do love a good hidden foodie scene.  One such place that I’d heard about is called Public, an unassuming yet totally kickass restaurant on the corner of some rather boring Brisbane city streets. You take an escalator to get off the main road and find yourself in a charming sleek space where their team is turning out playful, unassuming, and delicious food.

Their menu consists of heaps of intriguing-sounding small plates (yet still all designed to share) and three large roast-type items.  I was dining with several colleagues and they determined all the meats and then I forced them to also order all the veggie dishes I wanted.  This is typically how my restaurant dynamic with people goes and it always turns out great since we get excellent variety. 🙂

IMG_5694KFD – Kentucky Fried Duck.  With some slaw.  Because you know, why have fried chicken when you could have fried duck.

IMG_5695Broccoli with seaweed and bonito. I insisted upon the table getting this dish and then hogged it because it was so amazing and green.  I love my veggies!  Also I am a huge fan of seaweed being used in other ways than just seaweed salad and sushi.

IMG_5696Chorizo and manchego mac and cheese.  My eating companions made super healthy choices.   But I mean how cute is that little mini pot.

IMG_5697The main attraction – a huge lamb shoulder roast with peas, mint, feta, and a mint jus.  How impressive is that!

IMG_5698Sides to go with the lamb (yes, more veggies mandated by me) – beetroot, labna, and orange on the left and brussel sprouts, onion, and bacon on the right.  I could have eaten multiple bowls of these – they were amazing.

IMG_5699That’s a lot of lamb.  Aside from the really fatty pieces, it was perfectly cooked and super tender.  As everyone knows I never cook meat for myself so when I go out to eat and have meat it always feels extra special and I think I enjoy it more.  ‘

This was a lovely meal to have on a Monday night with colleagues in the otherwise completely dead Brisbane CBD.  I loved how innovative and playful the menu was, and all the food was really high quality.  Definitely in the top three meals I had in my time in Brisbane!

One Response to “Urban chic at Brisbane’s Public”
  1. setimorgan says:

    I really like your name, “Merrifood”. Good name for good food!

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