Apple honey challah

Now that I have been on the road for over a month, I must admit that I really miss baking.  Although I often believe that traveling is my natural state and when I feel my happiest and most enlightened, I do still miss the comforts of having a home and mainly a kitchen to bake/cook … Continue reading

Grapefruit pull-apart bread

As I tried to clean out my cupboards before I moved away from Australia, I discovered that I had a couple packets of yeast that I didn’t want to go to waste.  In retrospect, these packets of yeast cost about 1 dollar at most and the effort that I went through to get rid of … Continue reading

Apple scones

For a recent farewell to a colleague, I decided to branch out from my typical cookies and bake some scones instead.  I’d had this recipe bookmarked on my computer for ages and it’s so simple that I am really not sure why I hadn’t made it before now.  I haven’t thought of making scones this … Continue reading

Strawberry banana bread

As I’ve mentioned a few times, due to all my visitors and general traveling around, I’ve actually completed a woefully small amount of new baking endeavours in the past couple of months.  I keep revisiting old baking and cooking favourites instead of trying out new recipes.  However, I’d been meaning to tackle a new banana … Continue reading

Homemade pop tarts

I’m a bit late to the Valentine’s Day party, but I had to post a recipe that I think would be perfect if you actually wanted to celebrate the holiday and make breakfast in bed for your significant other / yourself / your friends.  These fall under my category of baked goods that I only … Continue reading

Blueberry snack cake

I must admit that lately I haven’t been particularly inspired either cooking or baking wise.  I was busy entertaining people over the holidays and quite pre-occupied with this business school decision, but now that that’s made (I’m moving to London!), I’m ready to start trying out some new recipes again.  I had a bag of … Continue reading

Spinach and mushroom gozleme

In Australia, a classic food that is sold at almost every open air market is gozleme (pronounced goz-le-may).  The first time I tried one I could not figure out why this amazing food has somehow not made it to America.  It’s a traditionally Turkish dish and is basically a flatbread that can be filled with … Continue reading

Homemade challah

In my rush to make this bread for my stuffing on Thanksgiving, I didn’t really properly document it photo-wise, but trust me if you want to make some bread, you should try your hand at challah.  The key difference between challah and normal bread is that the addition of eggs and a little extra sugar … Continue reading

Challah apple stuffing

I feel like it’s not even that controversial to state that stuffing is the best part of Thanksgiving.  (Some may go with pumpkin pie or sweet potatoes with marshmallows, but I am firmly in the stuffing camp.  Combined with cranberry sauce and turkey…or just totally by itself.)  And because we have this amazing phenomenon this … Continue reading

Chocolate swirl buns

Here is a glorious recipe I have been wanting to share with you all for a while.  I am about to head off on a little 24 hour plane jaunt to London for the next week so figured I’d make this my send-off recipe.  I made it for the brunch party I made all the … Continue reading