Apple scones

For a recent farewell to a colleague, I decided to branch out from my typical cookies and bake some scones instead.  I’d had this recipe bookmarked on my computer for ages and it’s so simple that I am really not sure why I hadn’t made it before now.  I haven’t thought of making scones this way – I thought you have to shape each one, but the way they do it here is to just make one big round, bake it, and then slice it into whatever shapes you want once it’s done.  Note that depending on your oven (mine is super weird), the middle may not bake as fast as the edges – so try to make it as flat a circle as possible when you’re shaping the dough on the tray.  I actually had to cut it in half when the baking time was almost done and turn it around on the sheet to ensure the middle got completely baked.

If I made this recipe again, I think I would definitely put more apple and more cinnamon in it.  It’s fine the way it is but I’d love more of a taste of apple and cinnamon in every bite.  It’s amazingly simple to make and would be great to bring over for tea or just to bring someone for breakfast, so I’m sure I will end up making them again soon!

Apple scones (adapted from The Way the Cookie Crumbles)


2 cups flour
100g butter (if you’re in the US, that would be one stick)
1/3 cup sugar
2 Tbsps baking soda
1 egg – beaten
1/4 tsps cinnamon (oh please – be heavy handed on this.  Who doesn’t love cinnamon)
1 small apple – peeled and diced (but totally use more if you want)
3 Tbsps milk

Mix flour, sugar and baking powder. Add butter and mix until crumbles begin to form. In a separate bowl mix small chunks of an apple, cinnamon, milk and the beaten egg. Add the apple mixture to the crumbles and knead until combined. Form a round shape from the  ready dough mixture on a baking sheet and bake for 15-18 minutes in 180°C / 350 F.  Make sure to test the middle!  When it’s cool (or at least slightly cooled), cut into wedges or little squares.  Of course since they are scones they are best warm but they are great room temperature too, particularly with jam.

IMG_7493Dry ingredients mixed together

IMG_7494Cutting in the butter

IMG_7495Apple pieces chopped up

IMG_7496The mixture getting all crumbled

IMG_7497Laying out the dough in a circle to bake it

IMG_7498Golden brown and done!

IMG_7501Cut into little shapes and ready to be wrapped up and gifted

These scones were quite addictive out of the oven in particular.  I loved how crunchy the edges were and how soft they were on the inside.  It’s definitely not the typical scone I would get at a high tea, but I thought they were great nonetheless.  I’ve wanted to have a tea party for ages (I’ve had dinner parties and brunch parties, but never tea…) so when I’m back in America in a couple months I am going to have to host one and this will obviously be on the menu.  I think they’d be best the day they are made, so make a batch and share with friends!

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