Lemon and blueberry muffins

Recently, I decided I wasn’t busy enough so I hosted a brunch party for eight people.  (To be fair, I’d planned it before my life randomly got crazy.)  I chose a collection of varied recipes that I’d been gathering for ages and naturally made them all between the hours of midnight and 11 am the … Continue reading

Coconut bread

I’ve noticed that when I don’t do chocolate desserts, they tend to have some coconut in them.  I never used to like coconut but I’ve developed quite the taste for it particularly since coming to Australia and also after spending a fair amount of time in Southeast Asia.  At Australian cafes, you can get coconut … Continue reading

Best blueberry muffins

I love a good muffin, and since I’ve gotten a really versatile mini muffin silicone pan, I enjoy looking for new muffin recipes to make in it whenever I can.  Like a good brownie or chocolate chip cookie, I think a classic blueberry muffin recipe is a must for anyone’s baking arsenal.  I’ve made quite … Continue reading

Spinach gnocchi

When I saw the recipe for tomato basil sauce, I knew I wanted to make a pasta to go along with it, but I sadly don’t have a pasta maker, so my mind went immediately to gnocchi.  Gnocchi starts from a mashed potato base and is incredibly easy to make.  There are all sorts of … Continue reading

Rosemary cherry tomato focaccia

When I have a dinner party or really party of any sort, it’s pretty much a guarantee that I will make bread if time possibly allows.  As I said in my prior post about focaccia, this really is about the easiest type of yeast bread you can possibly make.  It’s just not hard to do … Continue reading

Sweet potato scones

Sweet potatoes – another one of my absolute favourite foods.  In America, we are all about sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving, but I think they should be enjoyed at all times of year.  As scone recipes go, this one is pretty healthy, actually – no cream, low fat milk, and of course adding sweet potatoes to … Continue reading

Panettone muffins

These are the best muffins I’ve ever made.  Even better than the snickerdoodle cherry ones, I think (although either one will suitably impress company or just make you really happy).  I’ve just always loved panettone (the Italian Christmas cakey bready deliciousness that typically comes in a box and you get to rip pieces of it off…) so the … Continue reading

Cornbread cranberry stuffing

So for this past Christmas, I was determined to go all American since I hadn’t gotten to do Thanksgiving.  This meant turkey, cornbread, stuffing, and cranberry sauce for Christmas dinner.  Imagine my utter horror when try as I might, I could not find frozen cranberries (and certainly not fresh) at ANY grocery stores in Sydney. … Continue reading


So the holiday season may be over but I’m not done sharing holiday recipes with you yet, because I firmly believe certain foods shouldn’t just be enjoyed over the holidays.  One such food is cornbread.  In America we typically associate it with Thanksgiving, and in Australia I doubt it’s associated with anything at all.  Anyway, … Continue reading

Snickerdoodle cherry muffins

Happy holidays to everyone!  I must admit that I haven’t done the usual “bake 10 kinds of cookies” for Christmas this year – with my re-adjustment to Australia, I’ve been so happy to be able to bake and cook that I haven’t really focused on holiday-themed baked goods at all (yes, this is out of … Continue reading