Chocolate ganache cake balls

My third birthday in Australia recently came and went and it was without a doubt the best one I’ve experienced here.  No birthday is complete without copious amounts of baked goods of course, and add in my best friend’s visit and there was really a steady stream of baking occurring throughout (although honestly I was … Continue reading

Simple chocolate cake

As I’ve mentioned before, several of my closest remaining friends at my company have all converged upon Sydney recently, so obviously this presents many opportunities to bake for them.  This cake was a birthday request and although I was prepared to make all manner of complex layered chocolate cakes, the decision was to go with … Continue reading

Homemade pop tarts

I’m a bit late to the Valentine’s Day party, but I had to post a recipe that I think would be perfect if you actually wanted to celebrate the holiday and make breakfast in bed for your significant other / yourself / your friends.  These fall under my category of baked goods that I only … Continue reading

Oatmeal molasses bars

Although I love chocolate, I am also a sucker for a good chewy oatmeal raisin cookie (and even more so if there is chocolate in it).  So when I was looking for recipes to use up the last of this jar of molasses I had, I thought it would be great to put the remainder … Continue reading

Trillionaire bars

I am pretty much the happiest person ever right now, due to a remarkable combination of circumstances that have resulted in most of my closest remaining work friends all converging upon Sydney at once.  I just have a couple months left here and will definitely be living life to the fullest (even more than usual), … Continue reading

Chocolate chunk sea salt cookies

Sometimes, you just need a good chocolate chip cookie.  It’s exceedingly hard for me to make the most basic of cookies without adding a little twist, and I know I have a tried and true recipe for chocolate chip cookies already on this blog.  But when I saw this one it caught my eye due … Continue reading


Today I present to you all one of the simplest cookie recipes I’ve ever made.  When I made gingerbread over the holidays I had to get a big jar of molasses even though the recipe only called for a bit (molasses is essential to gingerbread), so then I was stuck with spare molasses in my … Continue reading

Blueberry snack cake

I must admit that lately I haven’t been particularly inspired either cooking or baking wise.  I was busy entertaining people over the holidays and quite pre-occupied with this business school decision, but now that that’s made (I’m moving to London!), I’m ready to start trying out some new recipes again.  I had a bag of … Continue reading

Salted caramel blondies

Last month, I had to do some farewell baking for a colleague and I was told by inside sources that it was preferable the dessert be non-chocolate.  As you all know this tends to be a challenge for me but instead of scouring Tastespotting I thought perhaps I would actually just create something on my … Continue reading

Chocolate spice gingerbread

It’s a bit belated to be posting about gingerbread, since this is really a Christmas baked good more than anything else, but I have to share this recipe regardless because it’s still very cold where most of my friends live and gingerbread is a great winter dessert as well.  Plus, it’s incredibly fun to decorate. … Continue reading