Spinach and mushroom gozleme

In Australia, a classic food that is sold at almost every open air market is gozleme (pronounced goz-le-may).  The first time I tried one I could not figure out why this amazing food has somehow not made it to America.  It’s a traditionally Turkish dish and is basically a flatbread that can be filled with … Continue reading

Flourless chocolate olive oil cake

A few weeks ago I had a dinner party where there were a few dietary restrictions, including dairy intolerance and gluten intolerance.  It can be rather difficult to find dessert recipes that are gluten and dairy free, but obviously I took it on as a fun challenge and found this AWESOME cake as a result. … Continue reading

Peppermint chocolate chip blondie bites

I’ve definitely done much more holiday related baking this year than last year, and I think it’s always key to make something around Christmas time involving candy canes.  Unfortunately, I could not find traditional ones anywhere (seriously grocery stores in the CBD of Sydney are killing me with their lack of options), but I did … Continue reading

Homemade challah

In my rush to make this bread for my stuffing on Thanksgiving, I didn’t really properly document it photo-wise, but trust me if you want to make some bread, you should try your hand at challah.  The key difference between challah and normal bread is that the addition of eggs and a little extra sugar … Continue reading

Pumpkin oatmeal cookies

This shall be the last of my pumpkin recipes from Australia, so I figured I had to make it a REALLY good one.  And this one is.  Get ready for the best pumpkin cookie of your life, people.  Don’t be intimidated by the slightly longer list of ingredients than usual – in combination, this makes … Continue reading

Chocolate covered brownie ice cream sandwiches

With all the pumpkin themed desserts floating around in the states right now, I thought it best to inject some more chocolate in your lives.  This takes a simple brownie recipe and elevates it by creating a lovely little bite sized ice cream sandwich, and then dipping it in chocolate.  The brownie is not super … Continue reading

Challah apple stuffing

I feel like it’s not even that controversial to state that stuffing is the best part of Thanksgiving.  (Some may go with pumpkin pie or sweet potatoes with marshmallows, but I am firmly in the stuffing camp.  Combined with cranberry sauce and turkey…or just totally by itself.)  And because we have this amazing phenomenon this … Continue reading

Pumpkin fudge brownies

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and thus I feel compelled to post more recipes involving pumpkin.  As is the case with many things, pumpkin is typically even better when paired with my favourite thing in all the world, chocolate.  I’ve made many recipes where pumpkin is the base and chocolate is added (like pumpkin chocolate chip … Continue reading

Nutella chocolate chip cookies

Ok I know you all prefer the cookie recipes, so let’s throw another one into the mix.  The reason that I think the flagship bakery I would open would be primarily cookie-focused is I just naturally gravitate towards cookie recipes, and when you can come up with variations on the classic chocolate chip or oatmeal … Continue reading

Pumpkin pie

It is November, and that means Thanksgiving!  Last year I was in Manila at this time and didn’t get to have a Thanksgiving holiday, and obviously won’t get the four day weekend this year either, but I do think of America around this time and am hoping to cook and bake a whole lot more … Continue reading