Easy pizza dough (and corresponding pizza)

So to continue on the trend of vegetarian foods that aren’t entirely “nice”, I decided one day to try my hand at making pizza dough.  I had some leftover sun dried tomatoes and roasted red pepper from making the amazing frittatas and I always have various vegetables on hand, so I thought I’d add them … Continue reading

Sweet potato, spinach, and lentil stew

Lentils.  They are not a particularly sexy ingredient and I honestly don’t enjoy eating them that often.  But if they are cooked correctly or added to a soup or stew, they can actually be quite tasty and of course majorly contribute to the overall health and nutrition content of a dish.  If you are wary … Continue reading

Cauliflower leek soup

I won’t pretend that this is a delicate or pretty soup – but it is hearty and delicious and a pretty fantastically healthy substitute for the potato chowder that it resembles.  As a vegetable, I feel that cauliflower gets a pretty bad reputation because it is seen as bland and tasteless, but I’ve been using … Continue reading

Mini spinach and feta frittatas

People, these little frittatas are a miracle in egg form.  They are SO GOOD.  You know I love a recipe when I feel the need to make it again immediately when I’m not even done eating the first batch.   I don’t normally crave anything that is not chocolate after about 10 pm, but I … Continue reading

Spinach gnocchi

When I saw the recipe for tomato basil sauce, I knew I wanted to make a pasta to go along with it, but I sadly don’t have a pasta maker, so my mind went immediately to gnocchi.  Gnocchi starts from a mashed potato base and is incredibly easy to make.  There are all sorts of … Continue reading

Tomato basil sauce

It’s been too long since I last posted, but it just didn’t seem right to be posting random recipes about food and my normal little life over here when such utter tragedy was taking place in my beautiful former hometown Boston this past week.  Now that the scariest part (hopefully) is over, I breathed a … Continue reading

Chickpea bulgur tomato soup

I realise it’s getting warmer in America, but it’s getting colder in Australia and thus I am craving soup more often.  In addition to tasting great in many applications, chickpeas are also a fantastic add to a soup.  This soup is rich and filling while remaining incredibly healthy.  It would be great with a side … Continue reading

Chickpea and leek soup with roasted zucchini

Yes, here are more recipes using chickpeas.  But they are really different from the ones I’ve already posted and especially delicious for the still cold weather in America and the gradually getting chillier weather in Australia (aka, 20 C / 65 F).  The soup is like a chowder with no cream whatsoever and is really … Continue reading

Sweet potato chickpea patties

Recently, I’ve gotten really into chickpeas.  This hasn’t been a conscious choice but whenever I search for vegetarian recipes on Tastespotting they seem to be in almost all of them.  And why not?  They are incredibly versatile – you can roast them, put them in soups, or mash them up and put them in delightful … Continue reading

Quinoa quiche

Aside from the fact that this dish is great to say, it combines two of my favourite things and makes it really healthy.  I love quiches, but normally their buttery crusts and massive amount of cream sort of turn me away from them (unless I’m in France, of course, in which case I would eat … Continue reading