Oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies

So, my big news.  Only a little over a week ago, I got asked to participate in a dream work opportunity based out of Manila.  Within a matter of days, I’d packed up my life, gotten a visa, and now I am here for 2.5 months.  That is the amazing thing about consulting – things … Continue reading

Vanilla cupcakes with cookie dough frosting

Farewells from our company tend to clump together, so this week there happened to be two goodbyes (well at least for me, since I’m going on holiday to Italy and won’t be around for the second goodbye).  And yes, neither wanted chocolate desserts.  Like I said, farewell baking goes outside my comfort zone.  I have … Continue reading

Carrot cake with candied carrot curls

Another event that I always bake for is peoples’ last day in the office.  This is an event that is certainly as important as a birthday, as it marks a turning point in my colleagues’ lives!  It should also be noted that consulting companies tend to have pretty high turnover rates, so promising to bake … Continue reading