Filipino food: take 2

Seeing as I am living in the Philippines, I figured it was about time I do another post about Filipino food.  A trendy area of Manila is called the Fort, which consists of a bunch of nicer shops and restaurants all gathered together along a big grassy mall which is quite nice.  We would go … Continue reading

Michelin starred dim sum in Hong Kong

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of a fantastic weekend in Hong Kong with the boys on my team.  I have been to HK – in fact it was my first experience in Asia a little over a year ago, but coming back for a second time after seeing other spots in Asia … Continue reading

Markets in Manila

I meant to write about markets in Manila ages ago, as this happened my first weekend here, but life got crazy.  Anyway, as some of you may know, my one of my (many) obsessions is food markets all over the world.  I feel that there is no better way to pick up on a country’s … Continue reading

Eating solo in Singapore

  Ah yes, I have of course fallen into the inevitable blog trap of ALWAYS being behind on my blogs.  But at least I know I have 5 entries I should be writing at any given time so there is never a shortage.  Anyway, these pics are from a few weeks back when I decided … Continue reading

Authentic French food in Cebu

So turns out you can get some pretty fantastic and authentic international cuisine in the Philippines.  A few of us took a trip to Cebu (the main city in the south of the Philippines) the other weekend and dined at a lovely French restaurant called La Maison Rose.  I was really impressed with how good … Continue reading

My first authentic Filipino food experience

So, as I said in my previous post about Manila, it’s not exactly known for its food, and as a mostly-vegetarian, I was told it was going to be quite difficult for me to find options (not to mention anything remotely healthy).  I’ve certainly enjoyed what I’ve been eating here, but it’s mostly been glamorous … Continue reading

Eating our way through Melbourne

So about 24 hours after returning from Italy, I was off to the airport again, this time for a company retreat in rural Victoria.  Yes, it basically feels like I have been on vacation for a solid two weeks now (and it is amazing).  After the retreat, I went with three friends from work to … Continue reading

The stunning scenery and food of Umbria

Late last week, we left Venice and traveled by car to the gorgeous region of Umbria, where the wedding of one of my best friends in the world was being held.  This region is seriously jaw-droppingly beautiful and can really only be accessed by car, where you are regularly treated to casual views like this … Continue reading

Venice – Part 2

Day 2 of Venice was devoted to art.  We went to the Peggy Guggenheim collection, but of course had to stop along the way when we saw the following in the window of a pasticceria: We ended up getting this amazing slice of foccacia with cherry tomatoes as a mid morning snack.  We had lunch … Continue reading

Eating in the human labyrinth that is Venice

Greetings from Italy!  I am here for the wedding of one of my best friends that is happening in less than a week, but since this country is epically far from Sydney, I’ve taken a few extra days to reunite with my mother in Venice and explore it to its maximum potential.  As many of … Continue reading