Authentic French food in Cebu

So turns out you can get some pretty fantastic and authentic international cuisine in the Philippines.  A few of us took a trip to Cebu (the main city in the south of the Philippines) the other weekend and dined at a lovely French restaurant called La Maison Rose.  I was really impressed with how good the food was and how French the whole place seemed – pretty unexpected!

Little amuse bouches…teeny crepes with olive tapenade in the front, mini gougere (love those) in the middle, and mini blinis with caviar in the back

This amazing quiche and salad…the crust was fantastic

Their take on lechon (aka pig/pork belly) with some mash and roasted carrots

Another delightful crust in this dessert – pear and almond tart

Of course I immediately ordered the molten chocolate cake…

Which when gently touched with a spoon spilled an absolutely delightful amount of chocolate onto the plate which was really not in proportion to the cakes fairly small size.  Awesome.

Also, the menu was on an iPad, which I thought was really cool of them, but service was leisurely, which was very French of them.  Definitely was a great start to our weekend and a nice introduction to a different part of the Philippines!

One Response to “Authentic French food in Cebu”
  1. Jen says:

    Also authentic in Cebu: the peanut kisses (best i’ve ever had!!) 🙂

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