Eating solo in Singapore


Ah yes, I have of course fallen into the inevitable blog trap of ALWAYS being behind on my blogs.  But at least I know I have 5 entries I should be writing at any given time so there is never a shortage.  Anyway, these pics are from a few weeks back when I decided to make a solo trip to Singapore because it’s close to Manila and I’ve always wanted to just chill there for a weekend.  It’s a great place to visit by oneself, and I absolutely love traveling completely on my own because it means I can eat whatever I want and no one will judge me.  Singapore is known as a big street food city, with a lot of famous hawker markets, so I made sure to seek out as many as I could in a 24 hour period.

Lau Pa Sat – one of the more well known markets.  I was there in the middle of the afternoon and STARVING after not eating all day in anticipation, so luckily a bunch of the stalls were still open.

Mmmm vegetables…I was so thrilled to find a vegetarian stall.  Even though all vegetables in SE Asia tend to be cooked with a lot of oil, I still get excited to have green on my plate.

I actually could eat dim sum every day and never get tired of it.  Pork buns, veggie dumplings, prawn dumplings…I love the steamed ones the most.  I have a frighteningly large capacity for them.

In the evening I sought out night markets in Chinatown.  I knew I had found my way to the correct place when I saw the above sign.

So one thing I don’t get about Singapore is that it is SO hot and humid all the time, yet when you walk around the streets literally everyone is eating these steaming hot bowls of soup.  I figured I should make like a local and get some prawn noodles, which were delicious, but after attempting to slurp down the soup and peel the prawns, I was basically a hot mess.  Totally worth it though.

The next day, I naturally ended up finding a pastry shop – gorgeous and expensive little cakes and macarons galore.

Singapore definitely has it all – from fairly cheap food to extremely expensive gourmet food, and all types of cuisine.  I suppose if I’d had a travel buddy I would have been able to sample a lot more, but maybe next time!

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