Spanish tapas in seedy Malate

Although our hotel here is exceptionally nice, the area that it’s in leaves something to be desired.  I have been told to under no circumstances walk by myself at night, and it’s pretty clear even during the day that once you leave the haven of the hotel you are in an interestingly sketchy area.  That being said, I still really like to explore by walking (Manila is sadly a city entirely dependent on cars) and there are a few good restaurants within walking distance, so the other night we ventured out on foot.  Since my team is six guys + me, I feel essentially fine being in the center while walking, even when it is through a neighborhood full of poverty and brothels.  In between the brothels and stray dogs, though, lie little hole in the wall restaurants like this nameless Spanish one we went to that had surprisingly delicious tapas.

Antipasti plate with white asparagus, cheese, meats, and even some anchovies (which I did not eat, but I appreciate the authenticity)

My favourite tapa of all time – a simple Spanish tortilla with eggs and potato.  Was especially delicious with the basket of bread they gave us

Garlic shrimp in the front and these delicious artichokes with onions and chorizo in the back.  I am not typically a fan of artichokes except in tapas situations, where I always find them to be fantastic

A really interesting play on the typical tortilla – this one is baked in a dish and had peas and peppers.  I initially was thrown off by the non-traditional look but it was actually delicious.

Not bad for a casual Monday night in Manila…

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