Michelin starred dim sum in Hong Kong

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of a fantastic weekend in Hong Kong with the boys on my team.  I have been to HK – in fact it was my first experience in Asia a little over a year ago, but coming back for a second time after seeing other spots in Asia made me appreciate it all the more.  HK really has it all – big city, amazing public transport, incredible combination of Asian and European culture, hip spots, crazy night life, fascinating markets, green areas, a stunning skyline, and of course mind-blowing food.  I can really see why so many expats choose to live there, and after the weekend I think I may just have to add it to my exclusive cities I want to live in list!

One place we knew we absolutely had to go was the cheapest Michelin starred restaurant in the world, called Tim Ho Wan.  It does not have an official website but google it and heaps of articles and information on it will come up.  It is the only Michelin starred place you can go where you can get a meal for 20 dollars.  And what a meal it is – definitely the best dim sum I have ever had.  The place is tiny, the menu is small, and the wait is enormous, but it is all worth it.  There were seven of us, which meant there was a casual 2.5 hour wait, but that was fine as we just explored the markets in the Mongkok area in the meantime.  When we finally got the privilege of being ushered into the incredibly cramped room where you essentially elbow your way into a table next to strangers, it was a struggle not to order everything on the menu.  Unlike the big dim sum joints with massive carts, this place only does about 20 dim sum dishes, but it does them all exceptionally well.

In the back – the standard steamed prawn dumpling.  Even more exceptional were the veggie steamed dumplings in the front – so good!

Another standard – steamed pork shiumai – perfectly tender

Tarot cake – not something I would usually order but we saw it and it looked delicious, and it was.  Such great texture!

Shrimp noodles can be glutinous and too chewy at most dim sum places, but these were the perfect texture with a great shrimp to noodle ratio

And the crowning achievement of the restaurant (and of dim sum in general in my opinion) – the baked barbeque pork buns.  I can not explain to you what a heavenly experience eating one of these was.  SO much better than your standard pork bun (which typically has the more fluffy white bread surrounding it).  They were slightly sweet on the outside and savory on the inside and served piping hot straight from the oven – unbelievable.  Pork bun nirvana.

I can’t get enough of dim sum, and now I’ve been really spoiled by this experience, so my standards are going to be even higher in my remaining time in Asia!

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