Mini quinoa broccoli pies

In my never-ending quest to find new methods of working quinoa into dishes, I came across this funny little recipe on a Polish blog that google had to translate into English for me.  I wasn’t sure if some of the words were really correct, but I took what I could from it and voila, a … Continue reading

Polenta, spinach, and pumpkin slice

Do you ever run across recipes in random magazines you are reading in the doctor’s office or bookstore or something and just want to rip out the pages?  This happens to me all the time, but in this particular instance I think I was actually in a doctor’s office reading a women’s health magazine or … Continue reading

Mini spinach and feta frittatas

People, these little frittatas are a miracle in egg form.  They are SO GOOD.  You know I love a recipe when I feel the need to make it again immediately when I’m not even done eating the first batch.   I don’t normally crave anything that is not chocolate after about 10 pm, but I … Continue reading

Warm quinoa veggie salad

As I’ve said before, I’m always looking for new variations on quinoa dishes because even though quinoa with various roasted vegetables is great, sometimes it’s nice to change it up a bit.  I loved those quinoa meatballs but they lacked a real hit of veggies, so when I stumbled on this recipe via my usual … Continue reading

Chickpea and leek soup with roasted zucchini

Yes, here are more recipes using chickpeas.  But they are really different from the ones I’ve already posted and especially delicious for the still cold weather in America and the gradually getting chillier weather in Australia (aka, 20 C / 65 F).  The soup is like a chowder with no cream whatsoever and is really … Continue reading

Roasted cauliflower, broccoli, and chickpea salad

If a dinner party ends with a dark chocolate pretzel tart, it had better have a healthy element in the middle.  Enter this glorious salad.  This is not your typical salad – as a matter of fact, I used barely any actual lettuce leaves in it, just adding them as a finishing touch of sorts. … Continue reading

Quinoa, kale, and broccoli bowl

Are you ready to consume multiple superfoods in the same bowl?  Then make some space in your life for this incredibly nutritious and delicious dish.  I actually have had trouble finding kale in Australia, but it can occasionally be found at organic food sections of various groceries.  The last time I saw it, I snatched … Continue reading

Vegetable tian

Happy New Year from Australia!  Most people at the beginning of January are thinking about how to make healthy resolutions, so here is a great vegetarian dinner recipe that looks a bit fancier than just eating some steamed or roasted vegetables.  It’s a great recipe for cold winter months especially, although I did just make … Continue reading

Zucchini fritters

So, I have come back to Australia, and although it’s been a bit of a re-adjustment (aka, having to do my own laundry, having to pay for things, not being able to hop to a different every country every other other weekend or so), one of the things that makes me absolutely the happiest to … Continue reading

Sauteed spinach and sweet potatoes

As I’ve said many times now, I really miss being able to quickly throw together some nice healthy vegetarian meals to eat as a precursor to unhealthy baked goods.  I only had one chance to make a dinner when I was back in Australia a few weeks ago but I made it count.  I saw … Continue reading