Zucchini tian

A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to have an amazing friend from America grace me with her presence in Sydney, and we had an absolutely amazing time together.  I love having visitors because I love showing off the most beautiful city in the world where I am lucky enough to live, and I … Continue reading

Thai quinoa salad

It’s been perfect weather in Australia since July (aka the “dead of winter” here), and thus I am always in a summery mood here.  It’s just gotten hotter since then, which makes me crave cooler foods and salads.  Unfortunately, these don’t store or freeze like my favourite soups and stews, but nevertheless they are delicious … Continue reading

Butternut squash chickpea chili

I’ve had an amazing few days of hosting some Americans, and I have a good friend here who is staying for the whole next week, so this means heaps of time at all my favourite restaurants and bars and trying as many new ones as possible.  Needless to say, after some very heavy socialising, sometimes … Continue reading

Chickpea ratatouille

FINALLY.  A healthy recipe.  I made this several weeks ago and was in a big rush before my trip so didn’t really get to actually document it with very many photos, but it’s so good that I had to write about it anyway.  Like many of my favourite vegetarian recipes, the beauty with this one … Continue reading

Urban chic at Brisbane’s Public

Seeing as I’ve been traveling to Brisbane for the past six weeks, I thought it only fair to pay a bit of a tribute to Brissie’s restaurant scene in a few posts.  I won’t pretend that I don’t think Brisbane is inferior to Sydney (it’s ok, most cities are), but there are definitely some hidden … Continue reading

Broccoli parmesan fritters

Ok all, I finally have a savoury recipe to share with you.  I know it’s been a while.  When I’m in a time crunch I typically go to my old favourites such as simple quinoa and roasted vegetables or brown rice stirfrys, so I haven’t actually tried making anything totally new and savoury in my … Continue reading

Curried lentil burgers

Ok, so this post is healthy looking enough to be fairly controversial and potentially make you not want to try them, but I beg you to at least consider it if you are looking for a vegetarian burger type option.  I actually don’t like lentils that much at all but absolutely loved them in this … Continue reading

Roasted vegetable soup

Due to a lot of socialising (which normally entails eating out and drinks) recently, by the end of every weekend I typically find myself desperately in need of a healthy Sunday night meal that will have leftovers for lunches throughout the week.  Given that it’s “cold” here right now, meaning Boston spring weather, I have … Continue reading

Vegetable and white bean cassoulet

A traditional French cassoulet is quite rich and heavy, including white beans and meat such as duck or sausage.  I am always on the lookout for lighter and vegetarian versions of dishes, and particularly with the cooler weather here, I’ve enjoyed having hot leftovers for lunch every day at work.  This is a simple go-to … Continue reading

Easy pizza dough (and corresponding pizza)

So to continue on the trend of vegetarian foods that aren’t entirely “nice”, I decided one day to try my hand at making pizza dough.  I had some leftover sun dried tomatoes and roasted red pepper from making the amazing frittatas and I always have various vegetables on hand, so I thought I’d add them … Continue reading