Refined chic at Cara and Co

The other week, I went to a fantastic restaurant called Cara & Co, which is an interesting concept restaurant in the back of an insanely expensive store in the fancy Westfield mall in the middle of the city.  I had with me one of my favourite people in Sydney and we went as part of … Continue reading

Asian fusion at Coda

I was fortunate enough to get to travel to our Melbourne office for a couple weeks in a row for work.  I love Melbourne for a lot of reasons, one of the main ones being its incredible restaurant scene.  I was so excited to get try out Coda, a restaurant I’d wanted to try the … Continue reading

Dinner at Sake

It’s been a while since I’ve had a fantastic meal out in Sydney, so this blog is way overdue for a restaurant post.  I’ve the pleasure recently of meeting some fantastic females outside of work and there is definitely no better way to celebrate new friendships than by going out to fun meals.  Sake is a … Continue reading

Beachy chic at Three Blue Ducks

Another restaurant I happily got to tick off my always long list of places to try in Sydney when my mother visited was Three Blue Ducks, which can only be described as an extremely upscale version of a beach cafe.  It’s located in Bronte Beach, which is the lesser known (and far more relaxed / … Continue reading

Asian fusion at Gingerboy

I took a wonderful trip to Melbourne and the surrounding gorgeous countryside and beaches of Victoria after Christmas when my mother was visiting me a few weeks ago, which of course meant many new wining and dining experiences.  I’ve written about the absolutely glorious food in Melbourne before in my previous visit there where I … Continue reading

Dining at Quay

One of (if not the) most famous restaurants in Australia is Quay, which has three hats (sort of the equivalent to three Michelin stars in Australia) and is continually on lists of the best restaurants in the entire world.  Obviously, it’s just a bit pricey (the minimum amount you will spend is about $165 per person). … Continue reading

Elegant simplicity at Chiswick

I’ve been wanting to go to the uber-trendy Chiswick since it opened in Sydney before I left for Manila.  It’s the newest concept from star Sydney chef Matt Moran, but meant to be more casual than his most famous restaurant, Aria.  The focus is on fresh produce from their garden and farms and share plates. … Continue reading

Classy Italian at A Tavola

With my mother in town for the holidays, I have eagerly dove into making reservations at some of the best restaurants in Sydney that have been on my list for ages.  Since I moved here, I have kept a list of restaurants and bars that I’d like to try, and it grows regularly.  I of … Continue reading

Fantastic food in Siem Reap

Going to Siem Reap in Cambodia was without a doubt one of the best trips (and certainly the most meaningful on a grander scale) I have taken since re-locating to Manila.  The country is stunning, the people are incredible and truly moving, and the temples are awe-inspiring, but I expected all this.  What I did … Continue reading

Filipino food: take 2

Seeing as I am living in the Philippines, I figured it was about time I do another post about Filipino food.  A trendy area of Manila is called the Fort, which consists of a bunch of nicer shops and restaurants all gathered together along a big grassy mall which is quite nice.  We would go … Continue reading