Classy Italian at A Tavola

With my mother in town for the holidays, I have eagerly dove into making reservations at some of the best restaurants in Sydney that have been on my list for ages.  Since I moved here, I have kept a list of restaurants and bars that I’d like to try, and it grows regularly.  I of course then had an entire four month period out of the country where no progress was made on the list, but now that I am back for good, I am quite determined to make a dent in it again!  One of the places that has been on my list for the longest is A Tavola, a restaurant in the charming Darlinghurst area of the Sydney that is known for its simple and incredibly fresh approach to Italian food, particularly its delicious hand-made pasta.  It did not disappoint – I was quite impressed with how well simple ingredients combined to make picture-perfect Italian dishes and it really made me feel like I was back in Italy!

IMG_3778They start off with amazing foccacia and chili oil.  The menu is tiny – specials change every day and the main staples are just on the little card.  But they all looked so amazing that I was sad I couldn’t get every single one…

IMG_3813Amazing salad of rocket, buffalo mozzarella, grape tomatoes, and prosciutto.  All those foods are just one big family of happiness – they go so perfectly with each other and just ooze Italian flavours

IMG_3818A surprisingly fantastic salad of radicchio, shaved asparagus, fresh Parmesan  parsley, and a very light and tangy lemon dressing.  Radicchio can be a bit bitter normally but it didn’t taste at all bitter here – again, the flavours complemented each other perfectly and the colours were quite nice too

IMG_3814The “must try” dish at A Tavola – hand made pappardelle with lamb ragu.  Unbelievably tender lamb and just gorgeous insanely fresh pasta.  This went SO well with the salads too.

A Tavola reminded me all over again how amazing, diverse, and utterly delicious (albeit pricey) the Sydney restaurant scene is.   Its authenticity is really impressive and it’s a great place for an intimate dinner with friends (or Italian lovers, if you’re fortunate enough to have one).  I hope to go back again to try more of their amazing pastas and salads!

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