Salted caramel brownies

Salted caramel. Brownies.  Two of my favourite things.  So obviously, combining them is a no-brainer.  When I saw this recipe on Smitten Kitchen, perhaps the most beautiful food blog of them all, I knew I had to make them ASAP.  The effort involved is a bit more than for just regular brownies, but since regular … Continue reading

Chocolate chocolate chip cookies

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted a cookie recipe, so I thought a suitable return to my usual world of cookies would be with this delectable dark chocolate cookie recipe.  It’s almost a brownie in cookie form and I love the addition of the melted chocolate to the cookie dough, which adds a … Continue reading

Strawberry yogurt mini muffins

Much of the time, my inspiration to bake something on a particular day comes from something in my fridge or cupboard that I don’t want to have around anymore.  Normally it’s a half empty bag of chocolate chips or a package of Tim Tams where if I don’t put it in a baked good I … Continue reading

Chewy egg-free brownies

Recently, a rock-star colleague of mine went to London to run the London marathon and I obviously needed to give her a send off gift.  She can’t eat any eggs, so this provides a bit of a challenge since the vast majority of baked goods do involve eggs in some shape or form.  I eventually … Continue reading

M and M bars

Ok, I admit it – I have been in a bit of a baking rut recently.  I haven’t wanted to try out too many new fancy recipes because I’ve been cooped up in my apartment for the past several weeks studying to take the GMAT.  Now that that’s over though, I am ready to get … Continue reading

Flourless chocolate cake

Get ready, chocolate lovers – this cake is unbelievably simple to make and soooo good.  It is not for the faint of heart as it’s really quite incredibly chocolatey, but it’s a pleasant change from a typical brownie – just as easy to make but somehow far more sophisticated looking.  It would be great for … Continue reading

Crack cookies

I have a not so secret obsession with various women pastry chefs, probably because it is my ultimate desire to be a pastry chef businesswoman icon.   My favourite two without a doubt are Joanne Chang and Christina Tosi.  The latter is the mastermind behind Milk Bar in the whole Momofuku amazingness that was started … Continue reading

Nutella bars

Happy Valentine’s Day!   Although I think the whole hype around Vday is a bit absurd, I do not see it as a chance to either get all lovey or to be angry and bitter…rather, it just presents a delightful opportunity to bake all manner of sinful and delightful things.  When you bake for this … Continue reading

Salted fudge brownies

Ok, you’ve been eating really healthily all day, so now it’s time for a little evening reward.  Enter brownies.  I’ve already posted one brownie recipe on here, and it’s simple and delicious, but if you want something a bit darker and more sophisticated, I’d go with these.  When I’m going through a bit of a … Continue reading

Cinnamon swirl banana bread

Rotten bananas are an item that most people consider utterly disgusting and throw away immediately.  But not me – oh no, I see the massive amount of potential in over-ripe, browning bananas, mainly that of banana bread.  I am that girl who takes rotting bananas from people to store in the freezer until I gather … Continue reading