Chickpea ratatouille

FINALLY.  A healthy recipe.  I made this several weeks ago and was in a big rush before my trip so didn’t really get to actually document it with very many photos, but it’s so good that I had to write about it anyway.  Like many of my favourite vegetarian recipes, the beauty with this one … Continue reading

Roasted vegetable soup

Due to a lot of socialising (which normally entails eating out and drinks) recently, by the end of every weekend I typically find myself desperately in need of a healthy Sunday night meal that will have leftovers for lunches throughout the week.  Given that it’s “cold” here right now, meaning Boston spring weather, I have … Continue reading

Vegetable and white bean cassoulet

A traditional French cassoulet is quite rich and heavy, including white beans and meat such as duck or sausage.  I am always on the lookout for lighter and vegetarian versions of dishes, and particularly with the cooler weather here, I’ve enjoyed having hot leftovers for lunch every day at work.  This is a simple go-to … Continue reading

Sweet potato, spinach, and lentil stew

Lentils.  They are not a particularly sexy ingredient and I honestly don’t enjoy eating them that often.  But if they are cooked correctly or added to a soup or stew, they can actually be quite tasty and of course majorly contribute to the overall health and nutrition content of a dish.  If you are wary … Continue reading

Quinoa quiche

Aside from the fact that this dish is great to say, it combines two of my favourite things and makes it really healthy.  I love quiches, but normally their buttery crusts and massive amount of cream sort of turn me away from them (unless I’m in France, of course, in which case I would eat … Continue reading

Zucchini fritters

So, I have come back to Australia, and although it’s been a bit of a re-adjustment (aka, having to do my own laundry, having to pay for things, not being able to hop to a different every country every other other weekend or so), one of the things that makes me absolutely the happiest to … Continue reading

Baked cannellini beans with roasted vegetables

FINALLY – something that can officially go in my “nice” category.  This past weekend, I got to go back to Sydney for the first time since my Manila relocation, which means it’s been a solid 3 months since I have been able to cook and bake in my kitchen.  As you may expect, I went … Continue reading

Quinoa with roasted vegetables

Behold, another fantastic detox vegetarian recipe.  Post on all the food exploration to come soon as well of course.  But first, I must talk about quinoa, one of my favourite things in the world.   If you have not had this superfood then you really are missing out.  It’s not too hard to find (although … Continue reading

Roasted brussel sprouts

All people that have hatred of brussel sprouts MUST read this post.  I realise it is quite the polarising vegetable.   People who don’t like it probably haven’t had spectacular roasted or caramelised brussel sprouts with pancetta/bacon/meat at a tapas or small-plates restaurant (a la Estragon in Boston’s South End or Cumulus in Melbourne) or … Continue reading

Curried vegetable brown rice soup

As much as I love to eat out, I do have some limits that I hit eventually, and sometimes it does feel really good to just stay at home and eat a simple bowl of soup with some fruit for dessert.   I pre-emptively knew this would be the case when I came back from … Continue reading