Sunday feast at Ms. G’s

I’ve kept this blog for a while now and figured it was about time I post about one of my absolute favourite restaurants in Sydney: Ms. G’s.  It’s one of the few restaurants in Sydney that I’ve gone back to again and again, and an automatic recommendation when friends visit.  They have an incredibly innovative menu and as Sydney restaurants go, it’s incredibly reasonably priced (eg, you can get away with paying less than $50 for a drink and a filling meal).  They also have a fantastic special on Sundays where you can get a drink and an eight course meal for $50.  This is unheard of value in Sydney and more importantly the food is just utterly delicious.  So I jumped at the chance to go with a foodie work colleague the other week when she was in town from Melbourne.  We spent an amazing few hours sampling and taking pictures of everything.

I love their take on Asian food and they have great flavours and spice.  Perhaps even more importantly, I just always love the vibe in the restaurant.  It’s in a lovely trendy area of Sydney and even though the restaurant has been open for a while, there is always a line and the place is buzzing at all times.  On Sundays during lunch, they have a DJ and are always playing such great music that I want to dance the entire way through the meal.  (I content myself with a sitting head bob move most of the time.)  I love the idea of a long lazy Sunday lunch, which is a huge thing in Sydney – such a great way to spend a few hours to end the weekend!

IMG_5259Bowls of kimchi to start off – nicely spicy!

IMG_5260Some of their signature mini banh mi (aka sliders) – one is chicken katsu and the other is pork belly – which I must admit is my favourite

IMG_5261This was a dish I hadn’t tried before and I absolutely loved it – a crispy pork belly, calamari, and pineapple salad.  The textures here were incredible and I’ve never tried those ingredients in this combination before.  SO good.  I loved the fresh pineapple and the crispy pork belly was like the best croutons ever.

IMG_5262This is a dish I’ve had literally every time I go to the restaurant – the chef’s signature crunchy vegetable salad.  It must have like 13 components, including crunchy cornflakes on the top, all sorts of greens and seaweed, and an incredibly light ginger vinaigrette.

IMG_5263Salt and pepper chicken chops.  Oh fried chicken, I never eat you but I love you.  The sauce was pure pepper and was fantastic.

IMG_5264A Vietnamese fish curry with noodles on the bottom.  It wasn’t my favourite dish but I thought the curry had excellent flavour without being too spicy.

IMG_5265DIY roast pork pancakes  – basically slabs of pork belly with some pancakes, delicious variations on hoisin sauce, and fresh herbs.  I have to say I like Chin Chin’s version of the dish a bit better – the pork belly was delicious but I would have liked it to not be in such a big piece, and perhaps have a few more vegetables with all that fat

IMG_5266The most ridiculous dessert ever, called Stoner’s Delight 2.0: it includes doughnut ice cream, peanut butter and raspberry sauces, candied bacon, a banana fritter, and a mars bars esque concoction.  Hello, artery clogs.  However it is quite small and sharing two among four people was certainly manageable. 🙂

Ms. G’s is just a must eat at destination for a great casual meal with friends – it has a consistently trendy and fun vibe and I have never had a dish there that I haven’t liked.  (and I have actually been there quite a few times)  Rest assured that if you visit me in Sydney we will be going to this restaurant!

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