Tapas heaven in D.C.

On my recent trip to the U.S. for the wedding of one of my favourite couples, I happily had the opportunity to reunite with some of my best friends, which of course meant delightful reunion meals.  As amazing as this experience in Manila is, I really miss my female friends and feel that I am even more grateful for their presence in my life now that I know what it’s like to be surrounded by guys literally all the time.  One of the best reunions was with one of my favourite people at lovely and lively D.C. Spanish restaurant Estadio.   This place has a drool-worthy menu and we made a sizeable dent in it.  If I had to compare with my tapas in Manila, I’d have to say this was substantially better (sorry Manila).  The variety and number of vegetable dishes was fantastic, and of course my favourite type of meal in the world consists of tapas, so I’m already really biased.

Delicious pork belly sandwich to start. Yes please.

Patatas bravas (oh fried potatoes, why are you so good) on the left and roasted mushrooms on the right

I actually could have done without the sauce on top of the tortilla, but the tortilla itself was really good, and I consider it a must to get a tortilla in any tapas place.

Oh the greenery. Sauteed pea shoots to the left and kale to the right.  The kale was slightly spicy too due to addition of chilli flakes and garlic…yum.

Fantastic steak although you can barely see it under the crispy onions.  It came with this wonderful chimmichurri sauce and really fresh cherry tomatoes.

And potentially the best of all for last – halibut atop a bed of greens and beans.  Fish was perfectly cooked and it was a great end to the meal.

Yeah, I was pretty full after this one although of course had room for dessert at a gelato place.  I’m so grateful for the wonderful friends I got to share these meals with!

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